Girls LAX takes WHS

Westside High School welcomes a new addition: a girls lacrosse team!


Girl Lacrosse team mebers! Left: Savannah Mulvey-White (12th), Middle: Syndey Dunlap (11th), Right: Sawyeh Khodabandehlou (12th)

Elizabeth George, Writer

Westside High School is forming a new lacrosse team for girls and its not too late to join!

If you’re looking to join, talk to Mr. Torok, an economics teacher at WHS, he was very active in starting the team. In the mean time, I have some insight from a few team members I’m in close contact with.

For starters, there is no tryout process, since it is new, anyone who is interested can join.

It’s been a couple of years since there was a girls lacrosse team at Westside High School, so you can imagine the excitement of the new team members. Sawyeh Khodabandehlou (also known as Mitchy, 12th) said her favorite parts about lacrosse are the “Inside jokes with teammates and having it not really matter if you suck at playing because everyone is learning together.”

Another player, Sydney Dunlap (11th) and Sawyeh shared why they decided to join the team in the first place. Sawyeh and Sydney both agree that LAX is an interesting sport, however, they were ultimately motivated differently. Sawyeh said, “I really want to get into a college. As a theatre kid who’s extracurricular activities have always been wither artsy or academic, I really wanted to experience playing a sport.” while Sydney adds: “I needed a PE credit.”. Fair enough, Sydney.

All of the players come from different backgrounds: some have always been into sports and others are participating out of pure curiosity. Sydney adds “I want it to be the kind of thing were girls aren’t afraid to try out even if they’ve never played before because it’s just a fun thing to do.”

The new team begins their training with a mindset that is both positive and inclusive. We can’t wait to see the Lacrosse ladies on the field in the spring, good luck you guys!