Friday Spirit Day is in Trouble


S Roberts

Senior Ebony Brown, enjoys a spirit Friday, leaving her uniform at home.

Hot off the presses!  Our Friday spirit day is in trouble.  Word went out to teachers at the end of the day on Tuesday, October 4th, that a warning is being issued.  Apparently students have been bending the rules, and seeing how far they can take the dress code.  The result being, a warning to all that unless students comply, spirit day will be taken away.

Here is the poster that was distributed to teachers:


Seems drastic, but as one administrator described, “Students are pushing the limit.  I had to tell 3 students to take off hoodies today.”  A hoodie?  It’s Tuesday, why would you be wearing a hoodie on a Tuesday in the first place.  Why would you be wearing a hoodie in the first place.  It’s been against dress code all year.  It is true, that as the uniform has become normal dress, we see skirts are getting shorter, and since the weather has gotten a little cooler, sleeves and jackets are showing up.

Some students don’t really bother with spirit Friday.  But those that do, want to keep it.  So please, follow the code.

Check out the new post on our Westside Wolves website  just to let students know how serious this situation is.