Battle of the West

Friday night’s victorious game against Westbury


Friday the 23rd  kicked off Westside’s first rivalry of the season against Westbury with a thrilling 46-0 win.  The wolves are now up 1-4 and head to play Lamar this Friday, September 30th, at 7:00. Touchdowns include a total of  3 from #21, Senior, Da’general Bellard  in the 2nd quarter during a 1 yard run, then during a 30 yard run in the third quarter, and another at the 9 yard line.  #80, Cameron Villamil a senior, at the 17 yard line after a pass from David Nelson, also scored in the second quarter but it was dismissed. Drake Champion scored  4 of the field goals as well as putting in another one at the 25 yard line.#1 David Crenshaw, a Senior also scored in the second quarter with a pass from David Nelson at the 32 yard line. #32, Justin Thomas, a Junior scored at the 31 yard line in the fourth quarter to finish it off.

With a total of 18 first downs, and an average of 38/197 rushes, it’s safe to say that both the offense and defense held commendable authority over the Huskies. Overall the Westside Wolves did a great job at proving who it is exactly that’s the best in the west. The defense was able to hold off Westbury from any attempts at scoring, hopefully we’ll be able to keep this momentum going forward towards the game against Lamar!