Safety First

Howler News welcomes our wolf community back to school, after what we hope was a restful, fun and productive summer.  As noted there have been changes to our campus.  Westside Wear. Where after 16 years of freestyle dress, it has taken less than a week for the uniform policy to become the norm.  On the first Friday, when students were allowed to deviate from their khakis and polos, this teacher saw mostly WW in the halls and in her classroom.  That may change as the year progresses, but today, students seemed content to wear their unis and get on about their classes.

Getting back to school is not just about math and English, its a good to remind and reinforce the safety measure that all students need to be aware of in this digital age.  You have a connected laptop, and most of you have a mini computer in your hand all the time.  It’s easy to become subjected to, or to find yourself in uncomfortable situations because of a text, or post, or group chat.

One of our New to Blue teachers, Ms Ansley Merriweather, has posted a couple Prezi presentations in your Wolf Den, that I wanted to share here.  It’s a great reminder to be aware of everything you post.

Stay safe wolves, and have a great year.