Minnah Zaheer: Howler News First Editor-In-Chief


It’s Tuesday, May 17th, which is the first day for Seniors to turn in their laptops.  The end is coming fast.  A completed check out sheet is now the most important document a Westside Senior can possess.  Because after that, comes the diploma.

Last night was Senior Honors Night, where the Outstanding students of the Class of 2016 were recognized for their achievements.  Principal Awards, Dean’s Awards, as well as Academic Awards were distributed to the well deserved graduate candidates.

Here at the Howler News, we awarded our Editor-In-Chief, Minnah Zaheer the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism and Newspaper.  Minnah is new to Westside, but not new to the community.  She attended Carnegie Vanguard High School for 3 years, before returning to her home school for her senior year.  On behalf of the Howler News staff, we are so fortunate she did.  She brought to our newspaper an ambition, a drive for providing information a place to publish.  Minnah is thoughtful and thorough in her work.

She kept us on our toes, all year.  She opened our minds to politics, women’s rights, our society, and most especially, she kept us up to date on Panic At The Disco’s new music and tour schedule.

Minnah will be attending University of Texas, in Austin.  Where I am sure she will light the fire for herself, and others. Best of luck Minnah, I thank you and I’ll miss you.

Sharon Roberts, Adviser