Copa America is coming to Houston

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Copa America is coming to Houston

June 3rd starts of the first official game of the Copa America 2016, with host team USA against Colombia in Santa Clara, California. Tickets are already beginning to sell out for this match as well as many more, including those at NRG stadium here in Houston.

Copa America, the oldest continental soccer competition, will be hosted this year in the United States. Though it was just last summer when Chile became the current champions, this ‘Cententario’, or once a century competition  is a truly special cup, therefore its being held just a year after the previous, instead of in 4 years as per routine.

16 Nations will be competing to be champions of America, both CONMEBOL (South American) and CONCACAF (The Caribbean, Central and North American) teams make for a very exciting tournament.

Pictured is the official FIFA sorting ceremony, listing each of the four groups. Source: Jorge Eduardo Vega,
Pictured is the official FIFA sorting ceremony, listing each of the four groups.
Jorge Eduardo Vega,

Now onto the groups:

GROUP A: USA, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Paraguay

Marked the ‘group of death’ for this competition, the host team finds it self in an interesting situation among the popular Colombia with stars like Falcao and James Rodriguez. As well as Costa Rica, who proved their strength at the 2014 World Cup beating 2 out of their 3 former world cup champion rivals while more recently winning 2 world cup qualifiers against Panama and Haiti. Paraguay, the definite underdogs of the group recently beat Bolivia 2-1 and have won 2 Copa America trophies.

GROUP B: Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti and Peru

Brazil come into this Copa with 8 trophies around their belt, and great players like Neymar, David Luiz and Thiago Silva. Meanwhile, Ecuador, current leaders for South America in the 2018 Russian World Cup qualifiers hope for their first Copa America. Speaking of hoping for a first trophy, Haiti enter the tournament eager to receive the acclaimed ‘Centenario’ trophy. Peru, a team who always plays well has 2 cups in their history are sure to put on a good show.

GROUP C: Mexico, Uruguay, Jamaica, Venezuela

Group C will surely make for some very interesting games, for instance, ‘The reggae boys’ just previously faced off with Uruguay in last year’s Copa America. Chicharito and others from Mexico’s national team will turn up the heat for Group C. Venezuela, or ‘Los Vino Tintos’ (The red wines) players are currently protesting and boycotting the game, but it is expected that they’ll be back in time for the Centenario. Uruguay, Los Charruas, have the most Copa Americas, 15, Luis Suarez’s ban will be over by June so fans of El Pistolero eagerly await his presence on the international stage.

Group D: Argentina, Chile, Panama, Bolivia

The 1st and 2nd place from the last Copa, Chile and Argentina, are in the same group and their reunion creates anticipation for fans across the world. Panama recently beating Jamaica 2-0 come to make their presence known. Finally, Bolivia who have a Copa America won in 1963 and would like to gain a second.