How have excessive amounts of Technology affected Teens?


School has recently been all about virtual learning and rather than paper homework we’ve been having all virtual homework. This has affected tens drastically, putting them into a situation where they spend most of their day on their laptops. Not only that but there’s also all the extra time teens spend their time on their phones and TVs. CNN released a statement saying ”  Out of 2,000 people, half-used screens more since Covid struck and a third (38%) of those believed their eyesight had worsened, a survey suggested”. This is direct proof of how this immense amount of technology has affected us.

Personally, I’ve been trying to keep myself from using my phone too much but it’s so hard since social media is so addicting sometimes. This is why I started to do Yoga every day to try and reduce my screentime and release stress. There are many ways people can reduce their screen time, these not necessarily involving hobbies, people can just take a couple of minutes to go out and enjoy some fresh air. Who knows, hang out with your friends and family ( As long as you follow all covid safe guidelines) and try to keep away from your phones that whole time.

I do understand why people want to be on their phones so often. When I feel bored all I think about doing is going on my phone and it distracts me from everything going it. It releases stress and even cheers up my mood sometimes. Although this is nice and all, there are other things that provide the same effect. For example, playing a sport you like, doing your makeup, reading manga, any type of comic or book, even trying to spend more time with your pets. I don’t believe people should completely stop using their technology as they normally do, I just think that people can slowly regulate their daily intake for their own benefit.