Closing the 2020-2021 school year


I would definitely prefer in person school over virtual. The reason being I, like many other kids, am a visual learner not virtual. I will admit that this year was overwhelming in many ways but I am glad to say that there are finally vaccines available for kids which is great news because the more kids that get vaccinated, the quicker things will get back to how it was pre- COVID and life would be easier again. This year was super eventful and I am content to know that it will end soon because it was a huge stress creator. In conclusion, this school year has flew by right before us, and I can’t believe how quick it went. This pandemic has changed life for us right before our eyes and the education too. It was a hard year but a new learning experience that I am kind of glad I got to participate in. I enjoyed getting to get the chance to learn from a different setting and hopefully, everyone else did too.

The 2020-2021 school year was a year full of surprises. This year was the most difficult year for most students, teachers, and parents. But of course, the biggest problem for this school year was definitely the corona virus. The effect that this virus had on everyone was something like never before. The year seemed to have flew by and it was a very interesting year. With everything going on, people seem to wonder what next year will be like. Overall, it was a rollercoaster. Not just for me, but for other students around the world as well. This pandemic has changed life for us. This year has been one of the most stressful years I have ever experienced in my life. Virtual learning is definitely a struggle for a huge part of students around the nation.

Many factors come into play when the virtual learning was a requirement. Some students couldn’t afford the cost of the electronic devices or some students might not have had internet at home to do their work and log into classes. This is one of the biggest issues we faced with the pandemic and education. Eventually, schools allowed students to go back but at a certain capacity. This was a huge help because some parent’s had young children and when parent’s needed to work, they didn’t have anywhere for their child to go.  So opening up the schools benefited us in many ways. For me, I was lucky enough to have it easy. This school year for me was a struggle at certain times and other times, it was a walk in the park.