ninth grade year during covid


~these are my thoughts for now~


How it was


My freshman year in high school was a rollercoaster. It felt like I had to try extra hard this year because last year we barley had to do anything. Last year was mostly just put together without a lot of thought so there was not that much work. Coming into ninth grade was totally different. I had lots of responsibilities even on the first day of school, so I had to adapt quickly if I wanted to stay on track. Adapting to all theses new things at once was not easy but having supportive staff and parents made it a lot easier.


Feelings/ challenges/ over come


A lot of challenges was getting motivation to do lots of things. Because I do school from home currently getting up and paying attention is still a huge challenge. Sometimes I feel like I do not have to do it because I simply do not feel like it, or even when I do something I still half do them and do not put a lot of effort into what I am doing. Overall motivation was one of the biggest things I Had to face this year. I now keep myself motivated by wanting to show my parents good grades. Also, I remind myself a lot that summer is almost here so let’s get it done now and not have to do it in the summer.



This school year have taught me a lot about myself and really pushed me to do better and want better for myself. I would not want to do it again because of all the stress its brought but I’m really looking forward to having a normal school year again next year.