Girls Swim Team Successfully Defends District Title


Ebony B., Photographer

The Westside Girls Swim Team defended its District Championship at the 20-6A swim meet, on Friday, January 29th. The meet was held at the Lamar High School Natatorium.  And dispite giving up home pool advantage, our Wolves swam hard and fast to harvest multiple top finishes.

Westside will be sending 21 qualifiers to the Regional meet on February 4 – 5, in Conroe as a result from their successes in the District meet. Congratulations to the following  swimmers : Kaley Hoffman, Francesca Rusca, Alex Kuck, Claudia Kuck, Stacey Cromie, Annika Ruehlicke, Erin Silva, Chinthana Thangavel, Olivia Grobowsky, Genny Massey, Peyton Singleterry. ” I love the Passion and  work ethic of being with such an amazing group of swimmers, and it means a lot to see their hard work pay off”- Coach of the Year Craig Sikkema. I think any team would feel proud to have such an awesome coach, who mentors them to be the best they can be. So when Kaley Hoffman and Francesca Rusca were asked  how has making it past District helped? In response both replied, ” We feel accomplished and proud to make it to regionals. And making it past District motivates us to do better at Regionals. ”  I also asked them how many hours they put in the pool? “Too many to count”- Kaley Hoffman and Francesca Rusca jokingly replied.


Kaley Hoffman – 1st place 200 & 400 Freestyle relays, 100yd Backstroke, 200yd IM

Francesca Rusca – 1st place 200 Medley Relay & 200yd Free relay, 2nd place 100yd Breaststroke, 3rd  place 200yd Freestyle

Stacey Cromie – 1st place in 50yd & 100yd Freestyle, 200yd Freestyle Relay & 400yd Freestyle Relay

Claudia Kuck – 1st place 200yd Medley Relay, 100td Breaststroke & 3rd place 200yd IM
Alex Kuck – 1st place in 200yd & 400yd Freestyle Relays, 2nd place 100yd Freestyle, 3rd place 100yd Breaststroke
Annika Ruehlicke – 1st place in 200yd Medley Relay, 400yd Freestyle relay, 200yd & 500yd Freestyle
Chinthana Thangavel – 1st place 200yd Medley Relay, 2nd place 100yd Butterfly
Erin Silva – 3rd place 100yd Butterfly, 3rd place 100yd Backstroke
Olivia Grobowsky – 4th place 200yd Freestyle, 3rd place 500yd Freestyle
Reagan Fisk – 7th place 100yd Butterfly
Grace Edge – 8th place 500yd Freestyle
Abigail White – 8th place 100yd Breaststroke
Genny Massey – 3rd place
Peyton Singleterry – 5th place
The boys team finished fast and in 3rd place for the 20 – 6A meet.
Jackson Farmer – 1st place 200yd Freestyle, 2nd place 500yd Freestyle, 2nd place 400yd Freestyle Relay, 3rd place 200yd Freestyle relay
Zavian Rice – 3rd place in 200yd Medley Relay, 100yd Freestyle & 100yd Backstroke. 2nd place 400yd Freestyle Relay
Nathan O’Neil – 3rd place 200yd Medley Relay, 4th place in 200yd IM & 100yd Breaststroke
Cooper Burklund – 3rd  place 200yd Medley Relay, 6th place 50yd Freestyle,8th place 100yd Freestyle
Michael Kalwick – 4th place 200yd Freestyle, 3rd place 500yd Freestyle 2nd place 400yd freestyle Relay
Hector Bayadorda – 5th place 200yd IM & 100yd Breaststroke
Juan Rios – 3rd place 50yd Freestyle & 200yd Freestyle Relay, 2nd place 400yd Freestyle Relay
Zach Whitson – 7th place 200yd IM, 3rd place 200yd Freestyle Relay
Wassim Daghri – 3rd place 200yd Medley Relay
Frank Gibbons – 8th place 200yd freestyle
The Following Westside swimmers will be moving on to the Region V-6A swim meet this Friday and Saturday.
Here are the results from Westside District Champions:
Kaley Hoffman, Francesca Rusca, Alex Kuck, Claudia Kuck, Stacey Cromie, Annika Ruehlicke, Erin Silva, Chinthana Thangavel, Olivia Grobowsky, Genny Massey, Peyton Singleterry
Jackson Farmer, Michael Kalwick, Nathan O’Neil, Hector Bayaborda, Cooper Burklund, Zach Whitson, Toby Gillan, Zavian Rice, Wassim Daghri, Juan Rios
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