Campus Communication?


Do you feel safe at Westside High School every day? Due to the lack of information the school provides to both teachers and students,  a lot would respond “no.” For instance, last year during the fall semester, one of our teams experienced a  Covid-19 breakout. This happened right at the start of the school. Westside was not unique for this circumstance, as it was going on in a lot of schools and districts. This happened without informing the parents. This was a serious  risk because players and coaches spend time in the locker room, on the bus, in the huddle. Not to mention they were  surrounded by  students and teachers who could have become ill without even realizing it. Testing in the clinic wasn’t available all the time. Or if it was, we weren’t aware of it. After school started, the principal at the time, did make recorded call outs to the Westside community, but they were so frequent, most were ignored by parents and students. Information was limited. Some of this was due to rules for student privacy, but really it just felt unsafe to be here.

Earlier this year there was an incident that occurred in one of the E1 restrooms. This incident illustrated the school’s disregard for communication with students, their parents, and in some ways teachers. Before students and rumors notified them, I asked some anonymous teachers if they were aware there had been a violent incident in one of the school restrooms. It surprised me how few teachers knew this had happened, it surprised them too. How can you claim to be a safe campus when you don’t inform the people directly involved when there are significant safety hazards. Lack of communication allows false rumors to spread unchecked. False rumors that could increase the violence.

Howler News spoke with students who wish to remain anonymous, at Westside, and asked them about their opinions of the school’s safety and teacher-student communication. Here is what they had to say: “ How does the school prioritize student safety or wishes. Any person is able to walk in and 0ut of our school as they please and when students voice their concerns/wishes they are ignored and deemed unimportant.

We know campus safety is a priority. Students want to attend Westside and receive their education without feeling frightened or anxious. Students should be free to express their ideas and worries regarding matters related to school. They should be considered part of the communication. Afterall students are the stakeholders with the biggest investment. They’ve invested their future.

Westside encourages students to participate in campus safety.  “See something Say something” has been taught in Guidance, or PAC time, classes during this school year. We appreciate your involvement in making Westside a productive learning enviroment.

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As a stakeholder in Westside, whether you are a student, parent or staff member, what measures would you like to see implemented to increase the campus safety and school climate? We look forward to your feedback, and will share your ideas with school administration.