Limiting your phone usage


Children in today’s culture deal with real cyber concerns as a result of technology. Technology is having an impact on my daily life, decreasing my general social engagement, harming my connections with my family, and disrupting my sleep. I am a victim of technology intruding on my life. I can say it. But now that I am more conscious of it. I can tackle this issue, I really am. And I am opting out of using my phone less.That’s right, my choice, I am using my phone less.

I noticed that I, along with the majority of my friends, waste the first half of the morning on our phones when we wake up. I observed that the first thing I would do when I woke up was go on my phone and check all my social media, and the rest of the morning would depend on what I saw. Instead of utilizing the first couple of hours of the morning to read through social media, I decided to focus on the more important duties and quit using my phone. These tasks included making breakfast, stretching my muscles, making my bed, and going on a walk. These simple task made my life become more efficient and less reliant on feeding my brain garbage. I’m now feeding my brain energy.

A lot of us don’t think about the benefit of sleep, We just sleep. We need it, and many of us don’t think about it as something we need to obtain, to make time for. Due to my excessive use of technology, I frequently didn’t get enough sleep. When I stopped using my phone, I noticed a significant improvement in my mood in the morning, I was less tired throughout the day, which allowed me to work harder in the gym, and I saw the biggest improvement in my schoolwork performance. I was more motivated to complete tasks and didn’t put them off because I was tired.

I admit that my use of technology, putĀ  relationships with my friends and family at risk. I began to look back to the times when I would cancel plans to stay on social media or times we go out and instead of interacting, I closed myself off with my headphones and I’d be on my phone. I began to consider how much time I had spent on ineffective technological use. Sometimes, we all become too engrossed in our daily lives and fail to stand back and consider what’s really important. In the long run, technology is always going to be there but not the people you love. Take that time for them, and for yourself.