Sheltering Children Causes Lack of Awareness


Parents have an idea of how they would like to raise their children in order for them to be just as,or more successful in life as they are.  Although they have the right idea, some parents tend to shelter their children from too much, causing them to lack proper life skills and awareness to danger.

Children transition into teens and parents become more strict. No sleepovers, no going over to their friend’s house for a few hours, no going to grab boba after school. Parents believe limiting their teens’ life will be something they’ll  understand once they get older. They think that it will ensure their child is focusing on their studies and a productive future. Or that they won’t encounter  danger since they are home. But is that really the case? Not being able to do things on our own only makes us want it more. And since we don’t really know how, we can become reckless. Things we’ve never had the chance of doing, because no one has properly guided us through, how to make good decisions, can be where the danger really is. There’s never been a chance to learn from our mistakes is a safe and constructive way.

As teens grow older, they need to gain the proper knowledge of life. They need to figure out life as an adult. People have spoken out on many platforms and share how they’re still scared of the real world due to their parents. Is this fair?  Is it fair to blame your parents for your fear of the real world?  Not being able to travel alone or ever go anywhere prevents them from being out in public. One thing’s for sure, teens do not like being treated like a child. But not being able to communicate properly with the world, is it fair to blame parents? It is if those parents are overly protective. Creating an unreal bubble about their teen. It is hard to tell if someone is trying to persuade you into things you’ve never thought of doing, or how to say no to panhandlers, if you’ve never had the opportunity to develop that skill of perception.

Slowly, teens will develop resentment of their parents. Spending those most important years as a teenager with so many restrictions is unfair and cruel. Some may understand their parents’ reasoning, but many do not, which results in them going as far away as possible. Parents need to learn to trust their children  and understand that keeping them away from the world isn’t the way to live.