Stop Fast Fashion: Thrift Instead!


Brian Guerrero showing off his thrifted hoodie.

It’s estimated that around 270 million children in foreign countries work in sweatshops. Yikes…  Who do we hold accountable, corporations or ourselves? Who do we have to blame?

It is easy to place the blame on money hungry capitalistic companies, but we should also recognize our part in this catastrophe. Most teens and young adults buy into the facade of fast fashion because we are so used to following the newest trends. Companies use our insecurities to push more and more trends to create a market to purchase poor-quality clothes that fall apart after one wearing. Or even sooner! have you ever ordered something from Shein and it was already in two pieces when you ripped open the plastic. Trends these days barely last a month. And before you know it, you’re back on Instagram buying something with your Paypal account. Something that by the time it arrives, you’ve already forgotten you wasted that $29.98 for a t-shirt. 

It sounds fun, but the truth of the matter is, fast fashion creates unethical labor, abundance of waste when trends die out, and pollution from factories, so we really should stop ourselves, and limit our consumption. 

It’s time that we take a stand. We meaning us.  The best way to do so is to not engage and stop buying from these businesses. Instead, we should start thrifting! Thrifting solves a lot of problems. We go out and find cool, affordable clothes, that will actually last long. Thrifting isn’t an online, face in your phone activity. You’ve got to go out and see it, It’s fun to go find small pocket boutiques, where the cool kids find their hoodies and hats. 

Hopefully, we are seeing the beginning of a new stage in society where being yourself is what’s in style. Look at all the new IT girls like Jenna Ortega, Julia Fox, Mia Goth, and Bella Hadid. They all have their own unique sense of style and don’t adhere to social norms. If we all start dressing however we want, we will create a more accepting environment for all. No one will feel judged for their own personal sense of style. Besides, who wants to look like everyone else? BORING!! We wear uniforms to school, we don’t need to be subjected to one when we are on our own time.

If I were to describe thrifting in 3 words, I’d say FUN, COOL, and EXCITING! The thrill of the hunt is addicting, because you never know when you’ll find a unique vintage piece like Dior pants or a Juicy Couture velour jumpsuit. Brian Guerrero, a Westside senior and the guy in the featured image, found his deadstock True Religion zip up the last time he went thrifting. “I’ve gotten so many compliments about it. It’s definitely one of my fav pieces in my wardrobe,” he says.

You can also go with your friends and find pieces you think would fit their style. I also recommend taking a look at the house decor, book, and music section. I always find the cutest pieces for my room and last time I thrifted I found two Fiona Apple CD’s, which I was super excited about.  All in all, thrift stores can cater to many of your interests.

But anyway, yeah. I think switching to buying secondhand clothes is the best choice for everyone. Help the world by minimizing you carbon footprint while also slaying in an outfit that is truly YOU! Plus spending a Saturday down on lower Westheimer or in the Heights is a fun day in Houston.