Big Bend National Park: A truly Breathtaking Experience


Living in a busy city like Houston, everyone needs a way of clearing their mind and experiencing peace. I was lucky enough to be able to visit Big Bend National Park over Thanksgiving break. I was blown away. The sheer beauty and immense peacefulness really did something to me.

Big Bend National Park is a historical 1,252 square meter piece of land located in the southwestern region of Texas. The park is primarily made up of the Chisos mountains overlooking the park at a whopping 7,825′, the park is also made up of the Chihuahuan desert  which is a vast piece of land made up of mostly hills and mountains. Big Bend National Park is definitely a known location but in my opinion is a very under rated place to visit. When you think of a national park the first one to come to mind is generally The Grand Canyon, although extremely beautiful The Grand Canyon isn’t very accessible from Houston, its just too darn far. On the other hand, Big Bend national park is much closer and gives a similar surreal experience without having to drive 18+ hours.

So, what is it that makes this such an amazing place to visit? Their are many answers to that question, for me, the incredible scenery along with the paradisiacal weather offered me a very mind clearing and peaceful visit. I mean it when I say that it is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. I stayed in a hotel in a city called Presidio, which is roughly 2 hours by car from Big Bend. Presidio felt as if I was in a cowboy western flick, there were few buildings so the panorama was mostly made up of hills and mountains which gave me a feeling of being in the wild nature.

All things considered, Big Bend National Park is a captivating place that can’t be forgotten, I highly recommend a visit, you won’t be disappointed.