Football, Fútbol or Soccer ?

Estefania Arrivillaga, Writer


Have you  ever thought about where Football, Fútbol or so called Soccer  originated from?

In the  Mid 19th century, England invented a game of running around and kicking a ball. There is conflicting opinions about who invented soccer, people believed that many countries had a similar game where they would run and kick a ball.  In the 1860s, history tells us, there were quite a lot of “football” style sports in existence being played popularly throughout the world and of course, England.  But it wasn’t until the sport became popular among aristocratic boys at schools such as Eton,  that these young men tried to standardize play. As well as the name of the  sport.  Derived from the sport of rugby, the game  changed through the times.

The British  invented the word, and it was also one of the first names of what we now primarily know of as “Soccer”.  First there was football, now there is Soccer, most Americans get confused when you called the sport football. The first thing Americans think when they hear” football” is helmets, hitting, shoulder pads, etc. and that’s why now a days its called soccer.

Even though it has different   names soccer, Fútbol and football it  still the same game and same rules.