Homecoming football game at Delmar


ATTENTION WOLVES! Westside High school will play Heights High school at Westside’s homecoming Football game. The Football game takes place at Delmar Stadium @7PM. Tickets to the game cost $7 and can either be purchased online or at the game itself, cash is accepted at the game. Remember to show your school spirit by wearing all black.

Westside is once again playing Heights High school for their 2022-23 Homecoming, Westside High school beat Heights High school at Delmar stadium in the 2021-22 season (last season) with a score of 41-19. Westside High school has a current record of 1-5 wins-loses suffering a bad loss against Lamar High school on October 1st with a horrifying score of 63-0 Lamar-Westside, but Westside has been training hard and is looking to maintain their winning streak against Heights High school. Coach Mason and the Westside High School football team are ready to face the Heights Bulldogs with their varsity line-up.