SNAP Is Back To Fight !


The American Resuce Plan and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, have teamed up to offer better solutions to resolving food shorage concerns for Houston families. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis more than 3 million people throughout the United States have benefited from SNAP assistance. With the uncertainties of employment, schools being open for in person learning, and the community spread of the virus, this program offers a lifeline to sustaining families.

SNAP dates back to 1939, with the impementation of the “food stamp” program. Introduced to eliminate “bread lines” during the Great Depression. Fast forward to the 2014 Farm Bill (PL 113-79), signed into law by President Obama. The Farm Bill made important changes to SNAP. Retailers were expanded to include not-for-profit organizations that purchase and deliver food to elderly and/or disabled individuals. The most recent FINI program works to incentivize SNAP participants to purchase fruits and vegetables, and other nutritional options.

In 2021, President Biden approved the increase of SNAP benefits to $36.24 per person each month. It made an impactful change, until recently when the inflation rate changed the game. It remains to be seen what the long term impact of the current market rates and prices to consumers will be. Family grocery bills are increasing by the day. Meat and dairy prices, inparticular have increased by as much as 30%.

The goal of the program is to decrease the poverty line and help Houstonians navigate this stressful time