HOSA’s Popcorn Fundraiser


HOSA-Future Health Professionals began their popcorn fundraiser on March 24th. The popcorn fundraiser is an annual spring event used to raise money for the current HOSA chapter. Each member is required to raise fifteen dollars by selling popcorn in order to stay a member. After raising their required amount, the members can gain one hour to help meet their 20-hour deadline each time they raise another fifteen dollars.

Each HOSA member has a minimum of 5 popcorn bags, each worth $3, but they can get more popcorn as they sell. Five flavors brings good variety. They are caramel, vanilla, white cheddar, salsa, and kettle corn. If you see a HOSA member around the school, ask them if they still have your favorite flavor.

It is best to purchase popcorn before or after class to not interrupt lessons or activities. The fundraiser will end on April 6th.