Evolve at Westside


Eco students participate in an avtice EV demonstration.

Hiba Safie, Writer

On March 23, 2022 a special event by Evolve took place here at Westside. Evolve is a non-profit organization in Houston and they created an electric youth education program called, “eYEP”.  This event was only limited to AP Environmental Science classes. Students were able to learn more about sustainability and be directly involved with new technologies that are more sustainable than traditional items such as cars using gas.

What’s in the frunk? Students explore a fully electric car.

The lead speaker of the event was Katheryn Abou-Chakra. Evolve focuses on lowering transmission rates and harmful greenhouse gases. Transportation is the leading cause of the greenhouse gases transmission. One of the most significant barriers surrounding electrical cars is the charging infrastructure.

Katheryn Abou-Chakra describes to students the benefits of electric driving and riding. (S Roberts)

There were 2 electric bikes that were available for students to try and ride with the use of a helmet. There was also an electric car specifically a Volvo that students were able to look at and also experience first hand! Three students at a time were able to ride with the driver, Martha, and experience the smooth drive. Laughter and smiles were seen and heard all around the event. After riding the car, many people were shocked and overall interested in electric cars.

A junior, Alejandra Duarte, was asked, “What do you think about the bike and the car ride”, she states, ” This really convinced me to get an electric bike or maybe even a car later on.” Many students had the same reaction and answer.

Alejandro Duarte takes his first ride on an electric bike. (S Roberts)

This is just one of many events that you can participate in if you are in AP Environmental Science. Look into AP Environmental science and join the class for the 22-23 school year so you don’t miss an interesting event like this again!