Freshman Fights


The beginning of school for Westside High School was very chaotic. There were many fights fought by the people that had just gotten to high school. The freshman brought the drama they stored under the pandemic to school. This drama had been rooted in the communications of social media…not an uncommon concept.

Before the freshmen were in high school, they were out of control 7th graders and they haven’t had a chance to mature yet. This year is the first year that students have been inside a school building for 18 months. When COVID-19 happened life was already different having to wear masks everywhere affected the way we breathe. Now it has affected our everyday lives. The students have been adjusting to not being at home all day and learning to channel their emotions.

In an interview with Westside junior Truanna Hill, she explained that she thinks the fights started because of something that happened on social media. She went on to say, “Some people that were in the fight weren’t the ones who started it.” People hop in fights and they tell the dean I was protecting my friend, I’m not going to let my sibling get beat up, or why am I getting in trouble I didn’t start the fight. What they don’t realize is you’re not helping them by fighting, you’re just getting them in more trouble. Hill also said “When we get farther into the semester the freshmen are going to calm down,” she was right there haven’t been any more fights since the beginning of school.

COVID-19 made a major impact on everybody, especially now that were are back in school and we are slowly adjusting to our new environment. Now that freshmen are under control it can feel like school before COVID-19, where everybody can chill and have a great school year.