Mental Health Hotline


Katelyn Poulter, Writer

In 2021, mental health has become a major issue across the globe. Houston ISD and Westside students would be included in this trend. Students describe feelings of isolation and loneliness as contributing factors to mental health struggles. Sadly teen suicide has increaded by 51% in the past year. No doubt the pandemic has played a part, but what are the other contributing factors? Being alone at home with nothing to do all day and being stuck in a house is draining. It can take a real toll on anyone’s mental health.

HISD has tried to be a part of the solution and created a mental health hotline for HISD students. The hotline is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can call at anytime, anywhere. Just don’t be afraid to each out for help or for someone to be there to listen. The hotline is there to listen and help in anyway they can. Just call 713-556-1340 at anytime anywhere and someone will be there to listen and help. Remember you are more than worth it and have a purpose on this earth<3

On campus Westside has 3 full time social workers, a nurse, and an HISD Wrap Around office.  All resources for students who need to reach out for guidance or help.  All students are encouraged to reach out. If you don’t know where to start or who to go to, contact your dean. Of reach out to a trusted coach or teacher.

HISD Health and Wellness:

  • Psychological Services—HISD’s Psychological Services Department (713-923-8597) offers students assistance both on an individual and a schoolwide basis. This may include grief counseling in the wake of tragedies (such as when a classmate dies) or help with more personal issues.