Howler Hour


Junior Shekinah Abolo takes time to study in the Westside Library.

If you are ever in need for an extra study space after school, Howler Hour is now available! Westside High School’s Howler Hour offers students an opportunity to work in school for an extra hour, starting at the end of the school day. During this hour, you are able to meet with a club you’re apart of, study alone for any class, or receive tutoring. It is held Monday through Thursday (3:25- 4:25) in the library with Ms. Ziegler.

Tutoring is available for several subjects. Teachers for English 1, English 2, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus, Biology, United States History, AP United States History, World History, and AP World History are available during Howler Hour alternating days of the week. This gives students the option of choosing which days to attend based on what work or classes they need help in.

The point of Howler Hour is to give students extra help with whatever it is they may need. Whether that be a quiet place to study, or even tutoring, Howler Hour is here to help.

Howler Hour teacher schedule