Westside Soccer Car Wash


Soccer season is coming up and that means it is fundraising time! Every year, it is known that there is always a Westside Soccer Car Wash around the fall semester, keeping the sport alive as it represents the best here. The Westside boys’ and girls’ soccer teams use the car wash to cover the additional costs of soccer balls, new uniforms, school bus fees, referees, and new equipment. Each team member received a certain number of tickets from selling 5 dollar tickets to anyone interested in supporting the soccer team. Donations could further be made if one wanted to contribute more.

The car wash was held at their recurring location, the IBC Bank at Eldridge Parkway, from 8 AM to 12 PM on November 13. People who bought a ticket could bring their car from those times, and the players cleaned their vehicles to the most refined ability and with the help of coaches and parents.

Thank you to all who continue to support the Westside soccer teams!