Crowdsourcing Yearbook Pictures & Stories

Hey Westside, your yearbook staff is looking to include as many students, staff and community in the yearbook as we can find.  Our theme for the 2021 Canidae Yearbook is “This Weird Year”. Because, well, of  course it is.  This year is unique, crazy, challenging, and unlikely to be duplicated.

We are building a 2021 Yearbook to commemorate this moment in the history of Westside, and of your education career. Ten years from now, when the pandemic is a distant memory , the 2021 Canidae will be there to document the year of Westside’s “Weird Year”.

Where do you fit in?

Throughout the year we will be crowdsourcing pictures from the Westside student body to help us tell those unique stories of virtual learning, and events presented in different and exciting ways.  While we are sending out requests for specific images, we are also open to your point of view and ideas.  Tell us what is going on in your world.  As the year progresses into 2021, we will be posting requests HERE!  And we will be updating frequently.

Currently we are looking for the following:

***New*** Can we use your New Year’s Resolution for a page in the yearbook? Send it in, with a picture of yourself.  Can be a duo or group. Deadline: January 22nd. 

***NEW*** We are looking for images of WHS students in their holiday attire. Ugly christmas sweaters, cute holiday themed onesies, trees, lights, penguins, antlers…help us show you in your holiday finest. Deadline: January 20th.

What is your Virtual School Fashion looks?  What’s you go to school attire this year?  Are you dressing up on top, with PJ’s on the bottom? Are you styling your hair & or letting it be? Or are you keeping it WHS & wearing your uniform & khakis everyday.  Send a good picture of you at your “classroom” station (someone else can take the pic)                 Deadline: January 20th

Are you working?  Where? What are your hrs?  Send us a picture of you at work. Make sure you include something that identifies your workplace in the background. Extended deadline: January 15th

Are you “virtual schooling” with a group of WHS students? If so, send us a picture of the entire group with all the details you can include. Extended deadline: January 15th

Are you part of a group that has been together for a number of years?  Do you have photos from the beginning? It would be awesome if y’all were invloved in a team or activity.  If you send a “how it started pic”, we can set up a time for you to come to campus for a “how its going” pic.  Extended deadline: January 15th

***This list will be updated frequently.***

How do I send in my pictures & information?

Email images & information to:

[email protected]

Tips for taking and submitting your best photos for publication are located here.