Attendance Appeal at Westside



Aya Safie, Writer

Do you want to graduate high school? There is a current program called, “Attendance Appeal”. If you are in a situation where you need to gain any lost credits, attendance appeal is the perfect option for you. Attendance appeal is for students who need to regain any lost credits over the four years of high school.

Attendance appeal is a good option when a student has had too many absences but wants to still be able to pass the class. Also, it helps the student become eligible in order to pass their class without holding them back due to excessive amounts of absences. Another reason that attendance appeal helps a student is if they fail the class, they can repeat it during the program. There are many benefits of attendance appeal, but one main one is that it doesn’t hold a student back from graduating and helps them receive the credits needed.

Students can figure out if they need a credit if there was an “NG” next to a class on their report card. In order to get an appeal, you must go to a mandatory parent meeting. This meeting takes place on January 25, 2020, at 9 am. You must get approval to start the classes. Seniors, this is a good option so you can graduate high school on time and successfully!