Take It Back!


Astros players

The Major league baseball season is coming to a close and the Houston Astros have been working hard this season. The Astros are currently facing the New York Yankees in the ALCS league championship this week.

Our home town team is coming off of an AL West championship win and are looking to defeat the Yankees in this series of the playoffs. The ‘Stros are looking to “take it back” regarding the World Series Championship at the end of October. They are currently up with a 3-1 game win lead against the Yankees going into game 5 of the ALCS league championship.

The results of this playoff series will determine who will play the Washington Nationals in the World Series championship. As both teams are fighting for this spot, the Astros strive to work and push themselves harder to win the world series for Houston. On Friday, October 18, The Astros play their fifth game against the Yankees. They need at least one more win to secure their spot in the world series. Let’s go Astros, take it back!