Westside Wolves Football Tickets Go Virtual

Haadiya Meriam Al-Awady, Writer

Westside students love the football games, amazing vibes are there and the hype is real. With the great support from students, the school has made it easier for people to purchase tickets earlier… it is online! And I didn’t tell y’all this but, purchasing tickets online gives you a presale discount! Who doesn’t love discounts right?

On the school website, there is a link provided that takes you to “Go Fan”. This site is the largest high school ticketing solution in the United States. There you can select which game you are going to (all dates, directions are listed) and you can purchase your ticket. You can purchase up to ten tickets, however, all purchases are non-refundable. The ticket is mobile-only meaning you can not print your tickets. According to what the terms and conditions say, “By purchasing or using your electronic ticket, you agree that you will not sell, transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, picture, recorded transmission, video recording or other reproduction of the contest to which this ticket is issued. You expressly grant to the school and its agents the right and license to use your image or likeness (and that of any minor accompanying ticket holder) in any live or recorded¬† transmission or reproduction of the game or event, or any part thereof, for all purposes, in any and all media, without compensation.” With this information, hopefully students use this new system and can benefit from it. All you got to do is buy your ticket online, go to the game, show your electronic ticket to the ticket box and you’re in!

Senior Steven Thomas, part of Westside’s Varsity Football team proudly says, “I love my team, we have the best connection ever. Even if we don’t win a game, we keep going forward and just hearing the crowd cheer for us is a win. So, I really like the idea of virtual tickets because it can be a better way for people to get tickets to our game.”¬† Link to the website: https://gofan.co/app/school/TX17861