The New Printing Era


Sonaiya Grant, Writer

As many know the library or the Learning Commons is a very important place for westside high school students it can be used for a place to relax or catch up on homework but many know the library because of the printing aspect, but due to new changes that may change. Westside isn’t a stranger to new things hence the new computers that we received this year, but everything comes with a price to pay and the price is printing.

The new shiny touchscreens that we’ve all come to love have a flaw; they don’t allow you to print on the printers in the library why the reasoning is unknown a solution is still there. The new steps to print will be listed below for those who are confused and you have over 3 different ways.

                                                   Printing Steps

  •  Email to self or save on a google doc  
  • Save on a flash drive and print on a library computer 
  • Email to [email protected] (Only ahead of time, must ask before coming in) 

These few steps will help you out a lot especially with any English or Spanish projects or if you even need to print your resume out! Ms. Kwezi only asks “before asking any questions try these steps and please don’t come in 1st period if you didn’t already ask me to print because I have a 1st period”.  With that, you should be able to print any time with a pass of course.