Student Cell Phone Policy Update 2019-2020


Haadiya Meriam Al-Awady

Photo Model: Brandon Nguyen

Haadiya Meriam Al-Awady and Aya Safie

Cell phones at Westside High School seem to be a major distraction and a troublesome device that does not allow students to divert their focus towards school. However, this doesn’t mean only phones but also ear buds, blue tooth devices, Air Pods, headphones, and other electronic devices. Students are expected to put devices and ear buds away before entering any of the academic houses! This comes with  great purpose, such as maintaining academic focus and encouraging human interaction. Not only do students must abide by this new rule, but the parents should as well! Westside sincerely ask for parents to not call/text their children, whether the matter be urgent or not during times deemed inappropriate for students to use their phones.

With this information, using electronic devices at Westside now comes with further approved times and locations for usage. Inside the Academic Houses you can’t use electronic devices, however, you can use electronic devices outside the houses, before 7:35 AM, during lunch and after 3:15 PM. Using your electronic device outside the Academic Houses contain the same policies, but you are able to use your electronic devices in between classes. Many students are upset with this new policy and expect passing periods to be a good time to be on their phones for personal needs. In addition, during major assessments, all students are required to clear phones out of sight and violators to this policy will receive no score on End of Course/STAAR Exams and the cell phone will be taken away for two weeks.

Ariana Viles, a senior at Westside High School, is not in favor of the cell phone policy and describes her feelings about the subject. “After class was a time where I could check my phone, I understand that there are rules for a reason but this is unnecessary.” What we can take from this is that some students are unhappy with this matter.

Consequences for using electronic devices will turn your frown upside down! The device will be powered off and stored in a safe, a parent/guardian is required come pick up the device after school from 3:15-4:00 PM, a $15 fine (cash only) must be paid and most importantly, if the student refuses to give up the device then the $15 fine will still be applicable and additional disciplinary actions can be further taken. To add on, if the device is not claimed for more than 30 days then the principal or another administrator will contact the parent/guardian for the school’s next action… to dispose the device! Claim your phones children, better yet, just keep it out of sight!