Seniors last spring break!

This the class of 2019 is’s last spring break as high schooler’s, so I asked some students how they planned spending their last vacation as a Westside wolf.

Caytlin Willis

Caytlin Willis is spending her break in Galveston. “My friends and I are renting a hotel room and we’re just going to the beach everyday. Lot’s of people go down there so it’s going to be really fun!”

Some people want to spend their break relaxing and enjoying their last break before the chaos of finals and AP exams. Vasiliki Perzous plans to spend her break chilling at home in some pajamas, “I’m just going to relax, have some friends over, and binge some shows. I hear Umbrella Academy is good!”


Vasiliki Perezous

However you’re planning on spending your break, make it a special one as your last year as a westside wolf comes to a close.