Do You, Do You, Wanna Play?

They say love is for fools, it’s a dangerous game? Do you, do you, wanna play?

      Welcome into the garden of Eden, for centuries as a nation we have grown and tremendously. From politics, to social commentary, from gender equality, to feminism, from race, to sexuality; we’ve grown–or have we really? Yes it’s true that we’ve come so far but just like a football sometimes we get penalties, touchdowns, flags, and fouls. June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. Though a law passed, that doesn’t mean it’s really equal. People of the United States still have acrimony toward things they are not use to. Tradition is the cement that has held this country together, and most people don’t even try jack hammer it away.


Letter From Us To You:

*the reason I use to word “us” is because we are a country united–at least that’s what we say*

    Welcome into the garden of Eden. I was guarding my heart for a reason. Call it sin and they might call it treason. I call it love. I was trapped in the dark till you found me. Pull me in let temptation surround me. But the moment your arms are around me, I fall in love. Though their voices may echo, Promise I’ll never let go, Promise you’ll never let go. So what do we do when they say our love is forbidden, and what if I don’t wanna pray our love is forgiven. I’m willing to fight every day of life that I’m given. You’re a rule that I’m willing to break. An exception I’m willing to make. You’re a risk that I’m willing to take. Take my hand I know love’s the solution
and breathe in this love scented pollution. Welcome into the new revolution. I call it hope.
Let them build up a wall to divide us. Let them use all their weapons to fight us. All we need is something to ignite us. I call it hope. It might be us against the world, our voices will be heard
Until our story’s heard and the battle of love is won. We’re not gonna run. Our love is forbidden.
Our love is forgiven. Take my heart, I’m willing, our love will not be forbidden. Our love won’t be forbidden.

signed, our community, your community, THE FORBIDDEN COMMUNITY.