Westside Wear

Nouse Papier, writer

After months of discussion, and back and forth opinions about the subject, student uniforms will be unveiled. The various uniform options, formally being called Westside Wear, have been cloaked in secrecy, with only a few having access to the designs and choices.

Last Thursday, the Broadcast studio was a buzz, where only knowledge of the secret knock got you entrance, as Mrs. Delk’s audio/visual students filmed a promo that will be released on this Thursday, April 14th, with a premiere showing in the Commons before school.  All of the different choices in uniforms, were modeled by underclassmen.  Students changed in the nurse’s office, then ran down the hall, covering all logos and designs.

Howler News was there photographing it all.  But we can’t release any of those pictures, or publish any student quotes until after the super hush hush video release.

So get your Instagrams and Snapchats ready for Thursday, April 14th.  Westside Wear will be on display.