Westside Student ID Checks


Westside High School students have student IDs worn for identification for teachers, specifically for the safety of the school and students of course. But recently, Westside students have been avoiding or haven’t been wearing their IDs, alarming deans and administration into enforcing a rule for all students. So what is going to be done to stop this?

Dean Davis has been putting effort to go on the PA and remind students to wear their IDs around their neck since Monday morning due to an increased number of students not wearing them, for multiple reasons as well. Some students don’t wear their IDs because of how annoying the lanyard gets caught onto a number of things, some don’t wear it just because. This non-ID wearing habit caused a lot of mishaps and frustration with the admin and the teachers, which led to this policy change in the school entirely.

So, if you are a Westside student reading this, don’t forget to wear your IDs!