Westside’s Final Exams Week!

Westsides Final Exams Week!

Ifraah Shegow, Editor/Writer

The hardworking students at Westside high are getting ready for the challenging finals week! Final exam week started 12/16 and it ends 12/19! Starts on Monday 12/16 with a full day and a final on 7th, Then from Tuesday till Thursday, its early out days and finals for two periods for each day! Missed exams will also be taken in January! This week is important because this determines half of each students’ GPA for the semester!

schedule for finals week

Finals can be stressful for everyone and a lot of students are stressed because of the constant worrying of scoring low which would cause a downfall to their average for the semester.Some teachers are giving review sheets for this matter to relieve some students and help them feel confident about their grade and knowledge over the course. Also, extra credit is given in some classrooms, the reviews vary to adding credit to your final in some classrooms. Passing the finals can also be a relief for students. Passing the final will not only boost your grade, but it’ll guarantee the credit for the semester. The final grade is counted as 25% of your average, basically being a cycle grade for the semester, causing it to be a big deal for everyone. The weight of the final also goes heavy on the average for the semester.

Even though the tough week is going by and the hardworking students are trying their best shot at finals, the hope of passing goes for each and every one of them for this stressful week