One lunch





Two fights, no space, empty stomachs, and upset parents are all due to Westside High School’s change to one lunch.

     As a students I’ve heard from multiple complaints, from students, staff, and parents how the one lunch is affecting their kids.  This year, students all have free breakfast, lunch, and dinner which will not be used

       Cafeteria lines, with roughly about 3,000 or more kids at school you can see the problem with this. Imagine having lunch with all those kids let alone getting your food on time and if you do where will you sit?  Keep in mind that many students may not eat at home and school is the only place they can get eat. But, due to certain decisions their supply is cut down because of the boards   Also, many students have friends who they may allow to skip or cut people who have been waiting which will lead to an argument or even a fight which caused the two issues we’ve had this past month.

Westside High school has had 2 fights in the past 3 weeks only being in school for a month. With the type of tables and limited space, it’s very easy to fight giving that so many people are all in one space. To add salt to the wound, the deans struggled to be able to even tell where the issue is coming from or where its just kids being kids. This is considered a serious issue giving that during the two incidents were in open space without any protection.

“We’re 21 weeks into 2018, and there have already been 23 school shooting where someone was hurt or killed. That averages out to more than 1 shooting a week,” said CNN. Westside previously sent a message out to parents regarding the issue and many people are worried about how being in one place at one time may not be the best decision concerning that issue. “What if a school shooting happens at lunch ? “what will we do?” “where will we hide?”, said, Sabrina, sophomore.

Two fights, no space, empty stomachs, and upset parents are all due to Westside High School’s change to one lunch. Westside has had many issues and complaints from students and teachers regarding the issue, many students are more angry about the no space, and how school shootings can happen at lunch and the teachers are more worried about the fights, Westside has decided to keep the one lunch for the year but more information and details will be added to see if they will keep the one lunch for good.