Fake News?


In the past month, there has been a recent discovery that many local news anchors have been reciting the same script word-for-word to their viewers. The script warned their millions of viewers about the dangers of “fake news” and excessive time talking about their political agenda. The script and its meaning seem to echo the words used by Trump and his associates over the critiques on media. The Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is the biggest operator of over 200 local TV news stations has been called out for “brainwashing” their viewers with repeated scripts.

It’s claimed by news anchors themselves and audiences that this is a reflection of propaganda within our democracy. If anything, the required speech given out by news anchors run by Sinclair is “extremely dangerous to our democracy.” Sinclair’s reasoning is that they are simply asking news anchors to remind audiences of the existence of stories which have been fabricated. Many people who watch the news are old enough to be aware of fake news online or anywhere and it’s up to them whether they believe it or not, so there’s no point in trying to enforce it even further. The enforcement is restricting news outlets from pure journalism and bringing in propaganda instead. It’s almost as if this Trump propaganda is gaslighting the American audiences. It’s unfair to forcefully push the freedom of the press out especially by a large cooperation affiliated with many broadcasting stations across the US.

I believe that this is going to end up hurting our democracy because hearing enforced scripts is almost equivalent to the “fake news” they warn us about. It’s time to take a stand against this before it creates worldwide propaganda and we repeat history all over again