Social Media Obsession


Brenda Almanza, Writer

If you have social media, it’s evident that is has taken over our minds and has even affected our behavior. Have you ever stopped to think about how it has even made people narcissistic? The average teen uses their phone for 4 hours a day. Students in the hallways, in class, and at home constantly check social media to check up on other people’s status or even update theirs. This may be affecting how we view ourselves and our relationship with other people.

Narcissism has increased as fast as obesity rates. So what exactly feeds our egos? People post pictures on social media to feel better about themselves, see how other people think of them, or to boost their personal satisfaction. William Benitez, a Junior at Westside says, “Social media apps like snapchat and instagram are the only apps I use to see what people post. It’s how word spreads around and how everyone can see what everyone posts. I love to post selfies like everyone else does.” Social media makes people feel worse about themselves, therefore they rely on the amount of likes or the positive comments they get from other people. It’s even affecting people’s relationships. Narcissm can turn into agression and the diminish of honesty. These people just strive for moral improvement and sometimes it can hurt people around them. People beat themselves up, because they might not receive the amount of likes their friend or another person gets. It turns into an unhealthy competition of who looks better, despite the constant denial.

I believe that social media has definitely been the constant craze and isn’t good for our soul. It holds us back from believing we’re fine just the way we are. We repeatedly compare ourselves to others and try to match them or look better. I feel like it’s a better idea to use less social media as possible. Loving yourself and eliminating the need to reach other’s expectations is the right way to lead yourself.