Homecoming Parade


Attention, wolves! Homecoming ’22 is here, so it’s important to get into the right mood for the occasion. The highlight of every Homecoming Week is the HOCO Parade.  Traveling from Westside High School along the Briar Forest, then on to Bush Elementary and West Briar Middle School. The last stretch will bring the procession right down Valedictorian for the entire student body to enjoy. The parade is scheduled for Friday, October 14, during the sixth period class.

Come dressed in homecoming apparel to show off your school spirit. Be sure to bring all-black clothing for the homecoming parade on Friday since it is “black out day.” Additionally, make sure you sign your contracts if you’re paticipating with a team, club, or organization and want to march in the parade.

Remember to bring a hat or sunglasses for the parade. Throughout the parade, the sun will be out and active, so make sure to remain hydrated by bringing your own water and carry UV protection if necessary. You can also bring additional items to cheer for your friends in the parade.