`Live Better Eat Better


Lorenzo Minotti on the leg press machine.

Andrew Reaidy, Writer/Photographer


Better living starts with eating better.  Did you ever wonder why you see guys walking up and down the halls with gallon jugs of water?  Westside junior Lorenzo Minotti figured out that if he adjusted his diet, his entire life would change.  He did, and now he is here to let you know, it works. Every day, Lorenzo records every meal he eats and makes sure he obtains the proper number of key nutrients. In addition, he visits the gym every day but Sunday.

Six times a week, Lorenzo visits the gym, and he takes Sundays off. On Mondays, Lorenzo works out his chest and triceps in addition to spending 10 minutes in the sauna. On Tuesdays, Lorenzo trains out his back and biceps. He then plays basketball for about an hour and spends 10 more minutes in the sauna. On Wednesday, Lorenzo exercises out his legs and shoulders in addition to playing basketball for an hour and spending ten minutes in the sauna afterward. He works out his chest and triceps once more on Thursday and spends 10 minutes in the sauna. He works out his back and biceps on Friday and his legs and shoulders on Saturday. Lastly on Sunday he makes sure he obtains the appropriate amount of rest so that his body can recover and function at its peak.

This is what Lorenzo Minotti said when Howler News interviewed him and asked about his daily food and exercise routine.

Howler News: How did you originally get into working out?

Lorenzo Minotti: Originally its because I did not have much to do on a day to day bases so it was a quick thing I could do. Also it happens to benefit my body and I have fun going there and its a benefit at the same time.

Howler News: How did you get the motivation to start going to the gym?

Lorenzo Minotti: My motivation at first like I said was because I did not really have anything to do other wise, so I am just going to go there to have fun and at the same time it benefits my health.

Howler News: How did you start to change your diet and eat healthy?

Lorenzo Minotti: Basically since it became a routine to my daily life I just continued to make it more beneficial by just researching, and I have friends in the gym with me so that helps me and I create a diet based on where I want to be at in terms of the gym.

Howler News: How does this affect your everyday life?

Lorenzo Minotti: It affects my everyday life because I am physically putting in the hours in the gym and sometimes there is some negative affects like not being home but at the same time I am benefiting my body.

Howler News: Lastly, What do you recommend for people who are trying to get into the gym and change their diet?

Lorenzo Minotti:  People who are trying to change their diet and get into the gym. You just have to dig deep and grab your motivation cause all you need is a little spark, and that’s where it all begins you don’t need something big telling you to go to the gym.


Lorenzo’s Daily Diet


4 boiled eggs (200g)

Bread, Light Style, Pepperidge Farm (2 Slices)

0% Fat Free Milk (240 MI)

Gold Standard Whey Protein (31g)


Caesar Salad No Chicken (1 plate)

Seasoned Wedge Potatoes (3 pieces)

Chilean Sea Bass (2 fillet)


0% Fat Free Milk (240 MI)

Boars Head Mesquite Turkey (3oz)

Potatoes (1 cup)


RX Protein Bar (1 bar)

Body Armor Lite (1 bottle)