Addressing the issue with the restrooms

The prevalent issue on the conditions and spaces of restrooms at Westside High School questions the existence of respect and ethical values amongst the student body. The restrooms have been centers for students in skipping classes, prone to destruction, unsanitary states, and vandalism, and simply an area for technology usage. As these concepts may appear as common actions committed to any school, it had relations to the broader narratives of social media and accountability.

This concern has been a state-wide issue regarding the maintenance of restrooms as a recent trend across schools. Many have believed its root is in the latest TikTok trend known as the “Devious Lick” that promotes damaging restrooms. Spring Branch Independent School District had addressed this issue specifically. In Texas, Magnolia Independent School District had reports in missing mirrors and soap dispensers. There had messages sent from schools regarding the destruction of school property, which encompasses the demolition of toilets, ruining bathroom stalls, stealing soap dispensers, and general vandalization. This relates to the events of Crosby Independent School District in the accounts of derogatory racial remarks made in their restrooms. These districts have coalitions of enraged parents who demand necessary actions.

This contrasts to the actions of Westside High School with the knowledge of the issues of their restrooms, however, do not seem to directly address them. There lacks a sense of urgency or any form of accountability in which other districts have clearly outlined and emphasized. This affects the reputation of Westside as a school and may relate to its overwhelming number of COVID-19 cases (more information at This is a result to the other means of the restrooms as hubs for gatherings and contributing to the technology addiction among the student body. The issue’s continuance remains a reflection to the school and distinctive amongst other school districts following similar concerns.