Why do we have Finals?


S Roberts

Exemption is the name of the game. Seniors Dorian Washington, Michael Fisk and Briac Jones celebrate the end of their high school careers.

Have you ever wondered why we have Finals at the end of school? Well you’re not the only one, many are asking the same question. Especially the Freshmen and Sophomores that have been spending their school years online and haven’t had to take any finals. Teacher’s say that finals are supposed to see what all you learned in their class, but if the exam are only 10% of your grade for the semester, why even take it.

Finals are not necessary because it doesn’t change what grade you end up with the class. Your score would have to be either really good or really bad to change your semester grade. If we are going to continue to take finals, the finals need to be worth something. If the finals were actually worth something students will actually try so they can pull their grade up. Also, if we are going to be allowed to exempt the final, there shouldn’t be a final at all.

Personally, the only time I have taken finals was fall semester when I was in 9th grade. If you think about, at the end of this year, I would have only had 1 and half years of real high school experience. I think they should let us enjoy the ending of this without stressing about studying for finals. I know a lot of seniors that don’t want to spend their last days of high school taking test. All I am saying is the district should think about changing the school rules into not having to take finals.