Teaching On The Occasion- Editorial


As important as teachers are. I got to experience a little teaching of myself with my peers in ways a teacher does. Realizing it now has really brought me to a stop and made me question. What if I was a teacher in the near future? How interesting would that be. To tell you the truth I really didn’t like the whole teacher thing, but someone once told me, you teach other to become better and learn from your ways of learning and interacting.

So that made me think. What kind of teacher would I be? and how have I help people to learn? First and foremost if I were to be a teacher I would be a Yearbook teacher. Why ? Being able to hear from students ideas of making the school look welcoming and presentable in a well planned book for the year is my way of expressing my inner thoughts .

Talking about it has also made me consider my actual career goals. Growing up in a family of nurses and doctors, I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of helping others and continuing to work towards a physical therapist. I want to be able to demonstrate to someone that I can help them get back on their feet.

That’s where teaching comes in, and I want to keep it as a technique that everyone should think about because I didn’t realize it until this year, but I’m graceful for the role I’ve given myself as a leader.

I appreciate this year because it’s made me realize I can be a leader, a friend and a student. Thank you