FAFSA- financial aid for college


Amanda Najm , Writer

Hey seniors!  FAFSA has opened applications for financial aid for colleges you would like to apply to across the US!

Free application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA includes applying to financial aid such as loans, work study, and loans to help you be successful in obtaining your future college degree in your desired college. FAFSA has worked with your school to help you with your application process. FAFSA is a form that can be filled out annually that can determine whether or not if you are eligible for financial aid. There are many types of different financial aid that can be provided by FAFSA such as various types of different scholarships and depending on the requirements that are needed for each one, students can receive them.

Hilarious FAFSA memes are spreading across the internet, through twitter and other social media platforms, where students make fun of other students saying “I’m telling FAFSA…” to make a funny joke of how if FAFSA knows about the items they have, they wouldn’t supply them with such financial aid. One example of a meme spreading across Twitter is “I’m telling FAFSA you are filling out an application with a $1000 laptop!”.

Have you done your FAFSA yet? Apply now to begin your way on a successful college pathway!