Dancing with Inertia


Haadiya Meriam Al-Awady

Junior Brenda Almanza working with the mini Inertians on Saturday, December 2, 2017!

At Westside High School, excited people of all ages came to the event of Dancing with Inertians to have some fun, and learn dances with the school’s amazing dance team, Inertia! Taking place on December 2nd, 2017, after teaching everyone some of their coolest choreography, the dance team gave their best performance at the show called Random Acts of Dance.

Let’s hear what dancers, Sarah Hamdan and Stefani Arbutina had to say:

Sarah Hamdan
Dancer of Inertia 2, Junior Sarah Hamdan explains what she loved about being with the kids. “Dancing while watching the youngsters was very energetic, fun, and enjoyable. The hardest part was getting some kids to cooperate, but they looked super adorable making mistakes.”


Stefani Arbutina
Dancer of Inertia 2, Sophomore Stefani Arbutina explains why it was a great experience. “It was amazing to sew people of all ages learning the dances. It was my first time to actually teach a room of people to dance. It was quite overwhelming, yet it was so fun to see everyone having a good time. I would definitely do it again!”