Return Of Color Guard


Emily Danielle Jones

Leilah Pizana performs during the state contest.

On April 11th, Wolf Band’s official Instagram page announced Color Guard’s return in a post inviting people to attend its “Experience Camp” occurring from the 25th of April to the 28th, 4:00-4:45PM, in the Commons: “No previous experience is necessary! Come earn your PE credit this Fall, and look fabulous doing so! Questions? Email Mr. Gonzalez [ [email protected] ],” ends the post.

Westside Highschool’s Wolf Band’s 2021-22 show “Mirage” won them multiple accolades during Marching Season, however, in the midst of the flare of flutes, trumpets, and percussionists clad in our school colors of white, black, and blue, the absence of the flag tossing Color Guard on the field and bleachers did not go unnoticed but remained unexplained. Where were our flag spinning 2020 State Champions?

Colorguard at 2020 State Champions (Emily Danielle Jones)

Enter: Color Guard’s performance in the No Costume Dance Concert, though, mesmerizing, left their fans with more questions about the team’s status; If Colorguard had not disbanded(?), why were they performing?

Westside’s Colorguard has a long history of teacher turnover. Each director would have his or her own story to tell. The most recent coach left Westside after the 2020 season. During this school year, the girls wanted to keep something going, even if it wan’t offical. They worked on their own, and are thankful that Inertia director Ms. Daniels found a spot for them in the fall No Costume Concert. With the hopes of having more structure and organization for 2022-23, there is a rumor former coach, Ms. Casey Biswell, may return to her position as director.

“Losing guard for a year was quite difficult!” says 3rd year Color Guard Member Sanam Davariar. “Without a coach/teacher, Color Guard practically faded out of existence, we lost both our Marching season as well as our Winter Guard season…For the fall semester however, some of the vets were able to put together a small show for the Inertia No Costume Concert. Us vets had to put our brains together and create the show ourselves. We have been faring on our own now for quite some time, but we are very excited to hopefully have our beloved Color Guard back for the upcoming school year!