Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Brenda Almanza, Writer

The greatest game a team can win is won within. The JV and Varsity Westside Volleyball team represented this slogan by putting forward their best fight this year. Through their practices and pre-games, they put a large amount of effort before eventually meeting their opponents at the net the day of their season games. If you’re interested in being informed about the Lady Wolves and their great season, here’s the way they prepare for their competition and a recap of results from the 2017-2018 year.

Training and preparation for the district games isn’t light work especially for the Varsity Volleyball girls. The girls practice two and a half hours every day Monday through Friday and even Saturdays too.  They aim to stay focused and challenge themselves every practice before their games so they can become stronger before the competition. Practices help the Lady Wolves learn from their mistakes and change up their positions or game plan. The Westside Volleyball girls are tough and push through the pain, cuts, and bruises during practices in order to keep going and get better. The girls have a tight bond and work together to make the best of their district games. There have been fun moments from their games and Mallori Sims, Varsity Volleyball Team player, shares a recollection from one of them. “My favorite memory during a game was when we were playing Bellaire and Alexis Brancato served the ball so well that it hit the Bellaire player who was recieving the ball in the face.”

The Lady Wolves wrapped up their season with 18 wins and 4 losses in total. The girls reflect on the wins and losses by watching films of their games and figuring out what could have been executed better. They had a very successful season and even though they lost their playoff game to Cy-Fair on October 31, the girls still thank their teammates for the hard work and good sportsmanship. The underclassmen and upperclassmen returning next year are now preparing for the next season during this off-season. They will continue to train harder so they can be successful in the 2018-2109 Volleyball year.