Culinary Brings Home First Place

Culinary Brings Home First Place

Diana Carreon, photographer, writer


Chef Reginald Martin’s culinary students took 1st place in the Culinary Houston Competition, hosted by Culinary Institute Lenotre. “It was awesome! It was our all seniors team, they were all surprised because they didn’t think they did as well as they did, but they ended up having great flavors and that’s what the judges were really impressed by” said Chef Martin.

The competition was this past Friday, January 29. “For us this was our first competition of the year” added Chef Martin. The Culinary Institute LeNotre is a top culinary arts school in Houston. It happens to also be the school were Chef Martin graduated from.

They are now training for more successful completions such as “the Cooking Up Change which is a competition we have won the last two years, last year we were the national winner for it, and then we have a baking competition coming up in Skills usa and culinary competitions to FCC LA that we are working with students” indicated Chef Martin.

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