How Westside Should Incorporate More “Advanced” Technology And Stem Inspirations


Ifraah Shegow, Editor/Writer

Westside is sure a very fluid school when it comes to academics. The school comes with a STEM department, FUTURES, and etc. But the school hasn’t been focusing more on the fact that the STEM department, most narrowly the AVP, Audio/Video production team, on equipment and the quality of production.

The school administration has been informing the production team about upping the production recently, but the equipment the production team has isn’t very high quality to produce high quality. The school weekly news broadcast has had complaints on how the mics don’t sound very good and the video quality could be better. AVP was also told if any inconveniences do happen with the broadcasts, to just simply prerecord, which isn’t easy. That would need better equipment with much more memory to store all of those recordings. These “requirements” have pressured AVP into planning on what equipment the school could invest in after years of not improving the equipment. Therefore, wanting the school to somehow incorporate some of its money towards AVP and its technology funds to solve these problems.

One solution that the AVP team came up with was if we could incorporate some of the school’s expenses into equipment that fits the requirements we should reach. Also, to bring more inspiration to STEM aspects or “ideals” to the school. Alot of people at Westside don’t really know a lot about simple ideas of technology, prohibiting the idea that they could grasp about AVP’s complications and understand that its not really an easy choice to fix requirements put on the team that they can’t really fix. There is an understanding that the school has many other departments, expenses to worry about, but the STEM/AVP area has been neglected for some time, and it should at least be thought about.

AVP’s biggest goal is to produce the best, all the time. But that isn’t easy if there are no backbone or school support especially with production, their cream of the crop. The STEM department needs more STEM inspo, the department needs an upgrade, to become better.