Break the Chain: Beans Café

The best Energy Corridor hangout spot is Beans Cafe

Blake Gomez, writer

Cup of Hot Chocolate
Blake Gomez
Cup of Hot Chocolate

I went to a coffee house called Bean’s Café. It is located on Eldridge right across from Sylvia’s where I did my previous review. I am not an avid coffee drinker and I’ve never been to a coffee shop before, so I had no idea what to expect.

At first I thought it was going to be pretty loud inside and that there were going to be a lot of busy people. However when I walked in it was nothing like that. While it was crowded inside it was incredibly quiet, so quiet in fact that you could even hear the humming of the air conditioner. When I walked up to the counter there were a wide assortment of drinks and snacks that I could choose from. I decided to order hot chocolate since that was what one of my friends recommended me to get. It was good but I honestly prefer the hot chocolate that I make at home, which I make really really sweet. One thing that I have to give credit to Bean’s Café is that the atmosphere was really nice. It’s the perfect place to be alone if you need to get work done because of how quiet and cozy it is. There are even unique, well-crafted paintings all along the walls of the shop that you can gaze at as well. The staff is very friendly and makes Bean’s Café a much more enjoyable place to be. Prices were reasonable, and on the same line as that other more famous coffee spot.

 I’m not a coffee drinker, but I really liked Beans Café a lot. The shop is a calm and relaxing place to be at with beautiful art to observe. The staff is very nice, and the shop is a good way to kill some time. Its so nice, I plan to visit Beans again so I can try some actual coffee because it looks and smells delicious. If you enjoy coffee and a homey atmosphere,  then this is a place  I recommend to visit. Trust me when I say that you won’t regret it.


Beans Café Coffee House

Hours:  Mon – Fri 7AM – 10PM, Sat – Sun 8AM – 10PM

Serving: Locally roasted coffee, baked goods including desserts and grilled cheese, smoothies, tea; iced and hot, and for the over 21 crowd ale and wine.

Free Wifi, local art on display and for sale, indoor and outdoor seating.

Located in the Energy Corridor, 1127 Eldridge Parkway, Houston, TX.  77077  (281) 920-9620